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Flip is the easiest way to sublet or get out of your lease, and it's 100% free for listers.

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Rent payments, guaranteed
Ever had a flaky renter? Never again.

$1,600.00 USD

Lock in this first month's rent?

Deposit moved to escrow.

Qualified tenants
Full sublease applications for every applicant

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Criminal History:

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Doesn't smoke

Never get scammed again
Fraud protection for every transaction

$2,100.00 USD

Only release your deposit when the keys are in hand.

Your deposit is now in review for release.

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Legally, we've got you covered
Custom prepared legal docs for any scenario
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Vetted Applicants

Let us do the talking

Flip vets applicants so you don't have to. We'll prepare a full rental application and get it to your landlord to ensure fast approval.

  • Credit & income checks

    Get a full financial picture

  • Background & identity

    Avoid unexpected surprises

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    Social accounts

    But could you be friends?

  • Credit score


  • Criminal history


    Speeding ticket

    Oct 5, 2014

  • Rent guarantee


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Group 6 RENEW
Sublet Agreement

This sublease agreement, dated March 19th of 2018, is made between Burak Aslan, the Sublessor, and Roger Graham, the Sublessee.

Sublet agreement

Legally covered

Protect yourself from the worst-case scenario. Get customized, lawyer-reviewed lease agreements and 24/7 support.

  • Paperless

    Edit and sign online

  • Bulletproof

    Protect against bad tenants

  • Collaborative

    Loop in your landlord or roommates

Rent Payments

Rent on time, every time

Get paid automatically up to a week before beginning of each month. We’ll even guarantee rent payments. For free.

  • No need to request rent

    Automatically transferred to you

  • Selling Best Selling Eton Tie Tie Schwarz Best Eton Schwarz Best Eton Best Tie Tie Schwarz Selling Schwarz Selling Eton
    Automatic rent payments

    Accept credit cards or direct deposit

  • Guaranteed rent

    If they don't pay, we will

Burak Aslan

March rent

+$1,500 USD

Roger Graham

March rent

+$2,500 USD

Total rent

+$2,500 USD

Payout in 3 days

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The essential sublet toolkit

The easiest way to sublet or get out of your lease, and it's100% free for listers.
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Automated rent payments

Rent paid directly into your bank account at the same time each month. No questions asked.

Landlord approved

Create your listing and accept the most qualified tenant. We’ll work with your landlord for you.

Guaranteed rent

On time rent every month with no extra charge. It seems too good to be true - but it’s not.

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Get started today for free

Create your sublet agreement, get rent, and more.
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  • We require that your lease be at least thirty days long to comply with city and state regulations on short-term rentals. Your lease can be as long as you want. The average lease length on Flip is six months.

  • Yes - landlords and property managers are welcome to post on Flip, as long as they follow our guidelines.

    You can use the same features as other listers: qualify tenants, sign leases and receive guaranteed, automatic rent payments.

  • Yep. When you accept an applicant on Flip you and the applicant can decide if you want to do a sublet or a lease transfer. In either case, we will prepare the application for you and your landlord to make sure everything moves forward as quickly as possible. Most people opt to sublet even if they aren't coming back to their room or apartment, since there are less fees and paperwork.

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Material & care

Outer fabric material: 93% silk, 4% viscose, 3% polyester

Care instructions: Dry clean only


Pattern: Polka dot

Article number: ET852R005-Q11